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Pear & Choco B-day!

Pear & Chocolate flake B-day Muffins!
This muffin has beaten many other oven surprises! Imagine the tender structure of sirupy pears and cheeky flakes of dark chocolate. Experience the spounginess and… dream away!

Enjoy these beauties today at work, and tomorrow at the workshop!

Happy Birthday ! 🙂


Feb. 22: Coconut & Chocotop

Coconut & White Chocotopping Muffins
Dream away to white beaches and cocopalm trees… Taste summer, sunshine and the promise of a soon arriving season. Close your eyes and bite. Knowing you’re the first to taste what comes after this winter. Enjoy the warmth and sweetness!

Coconut White Chocotop Muffins on Twitpic


And look, a pic by Diana:

Jan. 12: Mandarin Almondpaste

Mandarin Almondpaste Muffins
You are SO not gonna believe this. Sweet and tender little pieces of Spanish mandarin in a creamy, spongy cup cake. In the heart of it, you’ll discover an ever so delicious present… Almondpaste! And with a tangerine twist, this muffin makes a perfect match with the snow white winter in our gezellig little country. Have one (or two) and taste the warmth that surrounds us in this icy, spicy season!

Mmm! Mandarijn Amandelspijs Muffins. You are SO not gonna bel... on Twitpic


December 14: Chocolate! Ginger!

Chocolate-Ginger Muffins
The chocolate in this muffin instantly grabs you and puts you on a space ship. It tastes so deep and yet so gentle. Accompanied with soft and sweet ginger! Wow, what a combo this is.

It’s December, a month full of treats. Have this one unconditionally. I dare you. Can you resist the magic and love? Can you?

And they are BIG…

November 16: Pear & Chocolate

Pear & Chocolate flake Muffins
This muffin will beat all others. Imagine the tender structure of sirupy pears and cheeky flakes of white and milk chocolate. Together inside the pastry you love so passionately! Litterally nothing will please you more, these days of autumn. Let it go and discover it yourself: there’s still so much more that makes life worth living to the edge of the universe. And beyond.

Swim with me, in the Muffin Sea... XD on Twitpic


See how Donar takes one!

100 Cheesecake Muffins for @juffrouwjannie’s Canteen

A very special virtual exception
Cheesecake Muffins with Mon Chou cream cheese and almond paste (amandelspijs), especially for @juffrouwjannie’s Canteen on Twitter. She asked me, and without hesitation I made 100 virtual deliciousnesses for all the guests. Have one of her awesome coffees. And celebrate this beautiful Monday with a muffin you’ve never dared to dream of.

Cheesecake Muffins experiment accomplished. Yyyyuummmzeee! (s... on Twitpic


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October 5: Cheesecake Muffins

Cheesecake Muffins
“Why not fill a muffin with Philadelphia?” Can you imagine that this question broke loose the challenged bakery bear in Moriesbel? Cheesecake & Muffin got married! And you’re invited to the party. Come on, fatten up a bit, ’cause it’s autumn!

Filled with the softest cream cheese, a dash of cinnamon, some amandelspijs (almond paste) and crumbled cookies, these muffins are a surprising treat for the toungue :p

Cheesecake Muffins experiment accomplished. Yyyyuummmzeee! (s... on Twitpic


MacBakeDay 2!
More surprises: Sunday October 4th is also MacBakeDay 2! Mac and Moriesbel are working their S’s off on cakes, brownies, apple pie, cheesecake and cookies. A blessing if you work with them on Monday *wink*

Time to remove the Cheesecake from the oven! :D #macbakeday h... on Twitpic


MacBake Day 1 on kitchen table on Twitpic

MacBake Day 1 on a table! on Twitpic